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saddest thing ever [15 Apr 2005|06:14am]
In a few weeks...

A year has past and now we stand on the brink of returning to a world where we are surrounded by the paradox of everything yet nothing being the same. In a few weeks we will reluctantly give our hugs and, fighting the tears, say goodbye to the people who were once just names on a sheet of paper to return to people that we hugged and fought tears to say goodbye to before we ever left. We will leave our best friends to return to our best friends. We will go back to places we came from and go back to the same things we did last summer and every summer before. We will come into town on that same familiar road, and even though it has been months, it will seem like only yesterday.

As you walk into your old bedroom, every e m o t i o n will pass through you as you reflect on the way your life has changed and the person you have become. You suddenly realize that the things that were most important to you a year ago don't seem to matter so much anymore, and the things you hold highest now, no one at home will completely understand. Who will you call first? Where are you going to work? Who will be at the party Saturday night? What has everyone been up to? Who from school will you keep in touch with? How long before you actually start missing people barging in without knocking or calling not to mention stealing your stuff? Who will get Chinese with you at three in the morning? How long until you adjust to sleeping in a room by yourself, or how long before you realize your three best friends aren't in the room next door?

Then you realize how much things have c h a n g e d, you realize the hardest part of college is balancing the two completely different worlds you now live in, trying desperately to hold on to everything all the while trying to figure out what you have to leave behind. In the matter of one day's traveling time, we will leave our world of living next door to our best friends, walking across campus to eat, Zeta Psi Parties, instant messenger, 10:00 classes, and perpetual procrastination to a world that will seem foreign to us despite the fact that we have lived in it for nineteen years.

But it is different now... We now know the meaning of true friendship. We know whom we have kept in touch with over the past year and whom we hold dearest to our hearts. We've left our high school worlds to deal with the real world. We have had our hearts broken, and we've fallen in love. We’ve helped our best friends through the toughest times of their lives, something even their best friends at home couldn't be there for. We've stayed up all night to have girl’s night sleepovers with Das, we've partied the night away, done stupid stuff like stealing friends’ clothes and standing in the rain. There have been times when we've felt so helpless being hours away from home when we know our families or friends needed us most, and there are times when we know we have made a d i f f e r e n c e.

A few weeks from now we will leave. A few weeks from now we take down our pictures, and pack up our clothes. No more going next door to do nothing for hours on end. We will leave our friends whose random IMs and phone calls will bring us to laughter and tears this summer. We will take our M E M O R I E S and D R E A M S and put them away for now, saving them for our return to this world.

A few weeks from now from now we will arrive home. A few weeks from now we will unpack our bags and have dinner with our families. We will drive over to our best friend's house and do nothing for hours on end. We will return to the same friends whose random IMs and phone calls have brought us laughter and tears over the past year. We will unpack old memories and dreams that have been put away for the past year.

A few weeks from now we will dig deep inside to find the strength and conviction to adjust to change and still keep each other close. And somehow, in someway, we will find our place between these two worlds. Somehow we will find the words to say...

In a few weeks.... are you ready?
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if i leave here tomorrow will u still remember me? [22 Apr 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so yeah everything has been pretty shitty. i havent hung out with neone in a week now. every day i go to work then home. it sucks but what can u do.

i was talkin to barbara and nicole about shit and i think i might go live in PA for the summer unless things change here. i cant take this house and i WILL not sit home all day in the summer and by the looks of it that may be what i would have to do. i dont kno i still have to think about it.

me and ash bought our bid today.. Im excited to go to prom and i think going with u ash was the best part. we will have a good time we needa find something to do after tho and some boys as well! :)

i was talkin to allie about going back to the BAHAMAS in the summer, mom said i can go if i pay for it so i think i may. we calculated it today and it would be around 700$ for 7 nights and like 200 spending money if that so its not bad at all. i really wanna go. ASH AND STACC i wanttt u guys tooo come with meeeeee!!!!

so yeah i have to find something to do tomorrow. i HAVEEEEE to do somethin GREAT.!

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[26 Feb 2004|10:02pm]
I got in ESU.. EAST STROUSDBURG UNIVERSITY yesterday also. think im def goin to ECU tho.

college is the only thing good going for me right now.
fighting with mom alot again.havent talked to matt in a while. i duunno. i guess its good im going to NC
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[24 Dec 2003|01:15am]
[ mood | fucked up ]

There are some things that i cont even describe to you how much i miss..

one day i hope for them to happen again. to be the same.

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WOHO [10 Mar 2003|06:53pm]
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[14 Feb 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | drunk ]


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wen u say best friends it means friends foreva [27 Jan 2003|05:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

FRIENDS ONLY! If ur not on my friends list an wanna be leave one*
Its funny

how i didnt talk to him for 2 mons and talking to him for 10 mins made my day..afta 2 mon i still am not ovva it

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[21 Jan 2003|07:21pm]

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[15 Jan 2003|06:36pm]
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[18 Dec 2002|08:16pm]

Which &apos;Stripped&apos; Christina Are You?

Which &apos;Stripped&apos; Christina Are You?
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Love [15 Dec 2002|09:38pm]
Whats your hidden addiction?

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lovee [11 Dec 2002|07:07pm]
Who's Your Ideal Disney Guy?

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bored [07 Dec 2002|06:24pm]
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[02 Dec 2002|05:35pm]

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quizzzzzzzzzzzz [15 Nov 2002|06:23pm]
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[15 Nov 2002|04:24pm]

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d
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what's your inner flower?

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BORED [09 Nov 2002|06:37pm]
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BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17 Oct 2002|04:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Welll yesterday was FUNNN FUNNN FUNN!!!

John was home so we played :) mom yelled at us bc we were actin like we were 4 lol buts its okay.. at like 350 i was like ohhh no we have to get amy and stac so we went on a search for them b/c it was RAININinn... we found them at the bridge so we told them to runnnnn and jump in b/c we were at the red light lol soo amy rannn across the street and got in but the light went grenn be4 stac came across so we had to go round the bloack for her... lol it was funnnyyy

we played for a lil here

went to applebees with mom dad bara nic stank ash britt amy and stac and LAUREN and juli were there to supprise me :) lauren made mee a pretty card ash and britt gave me $ pop gave me $ and that was ALL the presants i got no1 elseeeee nopeeee no love

mom got me 2 belly rings sponge bob sheets and pillows
earings a neckless.. and were going shopin for clothes hair strightener.. :) and were going on Vacation for my birthday 222 funnn fun fun

i realized i have no family left..the only ppl who called to wish me HAPPY DAy were like nana pop.. ancle drew/aunt cindy and my moms friend.. thats it every1 else forgot or some shit.. o well F THEMM LOL ill live i guess

no1 else really got me preasants and i <333 themm whyyyyy lol nana sent me $ and so dd aunt cindy where is ITTTT i want it nowwwwwww.. lol IMMM 16******************



<333<33 COURT

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BOO [11 Oct 2002|11:27pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

which eye are you?

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FRIENDLY~~ Thattts ME!!!

well 2night didnt happen.. NO PARTY.. No Drinkin.. :( i was saddddd..Still am sad.. i was sooo into gettin Soo fucked i couldnt see/move/function.. oh well soooo sadd to bad.. i live maybeee

tom off with kel joe pete and kenny.. peter and kenny are fightin ova me LMFAO! they dun kno me.. and there WHITE LMFAO nahh but w.e they want ill be drunk.. who cares man!

well im out im tired...Much love

<3<3 Court

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[10 Oct 2002|06:27pm]

Whats your favorite kind of herb?

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