A pill to take the pain away


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absolutely no regrets...
I used to think that if I tried
Then maybe I could change the things
that I regretted in my life
But through all the lessons that you taught me
I have learned my experiences enhanced my character, yes Now as I look back with what I know now I can say that I
wouldn`t change a thing Cause
I love who I became,And when it`s all
said and done I can only live for today.

Be strong, but never brutal.
Every path leads two ways.
Read between the lines.
It takes more than years to reach maturity.
Cope with what life throws you.
A lie can never fix the truth.
Enjoy the journey as much as the stay.
Timing is everything but means nothing to me.
Leave ur mark on life while u have it in ur power
Be yourself.
accept ppl for who they r nd just that not for what they can do for u.
Even though I go thru tough times there r harder times.
Just because someone isn't right for u doesn't make you stop loving them.
Things always happen for a reason even without any explanation. Just accept it.
Value a tru friendship.
Never let a broken heart take your chance of love away.
I am a foolish person, but I learn. I have many flaws.
Love is just another word until it's proven to me.
keep an open mind to any possiblity.
Taking risks can lead to many consequences but some things are just worth it.
be angry but not cruel.
Any man with intellect and integrity is far more attractive than one with just a pretty face.
The TRUTH always finds its way out.